What is a chiropractor ?

Chiropractors treat disorders of the body by correcting subluxations or misalignment of the spine and extremities. Dr. Spevere chooses to use a hands-on treatment method to correct subluxations of the spine. Customized treatment options are available for those patients who suffer from early osteoporosis or who require specialized treatment.

warning signs you may need to see a chiropractor 

Achy muscles 

Do you have muscle pain caused by tension, stress or overuse?

Chronic pain

Do you have pain that persists or has progressed over time? Chronic pain is often managed by the use of medication which may have detrimental effects, such as overuse and/or dependency.


Have you ever been told you have poor posture? Do you sit at a desk all day?  Posture plays a key role in spinal health. Office workers, students, truck drivers or anyone who spends a lot of time sitting, is more likely to have issues with posture. 


Do you suffer from painful muscle cramps during the day or night, post-exercise or during a menstrual cycle?